Want To Know About Secret Appointments Of Employees? Read This

cell-phone-spyFrustrated from your employee’s habit of skipping days? Do you feel that you need to have information about his appointments so that you can know whether he’s fooling you or has to skip job due to a valid reason?

We have a spy for you, not a human spy rather intelligent software named StealthGenie that will aid you in having proper knowledge about your employee. 

It’s not just about the calendar entries:

Getting additional services other than the primary service serves as icing on the cake for a customer. Cheer up as you will have your cake iced as well. Other than having access to his calendar appointments you can have services like:

  • Details about his SMS’s
  • All the call details
  • Record and listen to live calls being made by him
  • Web browsing history
  • Locations visited can be detected using the GPS
  • All contact details

Isn’t it fantastic? If the calendar entries don’t help you in finding the reason for his skipping of job, you can have access to all sorts of other details which can be even more beneficial in reaching a conclusion.

StealthGenie puts you in charge

The StealthGenie will put you in charge now, gone are the days when an employee could make a fool out of his boss, your own private cell phone spy will enable you to take control of the situation and handle it according to your will.

Retrieve information without your employee having a sniff

Such is the secrecy of the StealthGenie that your employee won’t have a clue that is something is installed in his cell phone that is providing you with his private information. He cannot detect it nor can he get it deleted.

All this at an affordable price

StealthGenie although serves so many purposes that no other cell phone spy in the market can but its prices are most competitive. You just need to pay $8 a month which you can do easily and with content of heart as your headaches will be getting lesser.

Whether it is appointments or other secretive information related to your employee, StealthGenie will provide you with that. Go online and register for the package of your desire and start reaping uncountable rewards right now.

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