Testing Processes For Spying Software


Spying software are widely installed by an organization to monitor the day to day activities of their employees and lower peers. Spying apps and software are full of innovative quality features, enabling it’s users to achieve anything related to spying. BY installing these spying apps on their employee’s smartphone devices, managers can easily know about each and every activity of their workers. Following are the top most spying apps available in market to accomplish proficient quality spying.

  • mSPY
  • Highster Mobile
  • FlexiSPY
  • Ikey Monitor
  • Phone Sheriff

All of these above mentioned software are perfectly rich with monitoring features. Most of the time, users of these spying apps get the desired amount of benefits they want to achieve, but sometimes they have to face vulnerabilities and  inefficiencies during the downloads and installation process. To assure the consistent quality in results, developers of these spying software have to make it sure that quality is perfectly managed by hiring QA analysts of a software testing services provider firm. All the top class software testing services provider companies use following test analysis tools and frameworks to rectify bugs and vulnerabilities out of a software. These testing measures are…

  • Security Test Analysis
  • Functional Test Analysis
  • Automation Test Analysis
  • Platform Compatibility Test Analysis
  • Responsive Testing
  • Performance Testing

A spying software always make it sure, that its users achieve the perfect amount of benefits of monitoring and spying.  As a manager, your first responsibility will be to get the information of devices used by your employees, either these are android based or iOS based.  Most of the available spy software could be installed on all kinds of operating systems. These software deliver the following benefits to their users.

  • Spying on every individual employee without any jail breaking
  • Block your desired websites and apps
  • Get the complete info about forbidden areas
  • Active spying and monitoring of a device any time
  • Achieve Perfect quality social media monitoring
  • Real time fully optimized GPS tracking
  • Can view out the entire browser history
  • View all contact list and calendar details
  • Text Messages and email monitoring

Security testing of all these spying software has to be conducted out in an organized fashion.  By hiring a software testing company, developers of spying apps and software can achieve proficient quality security test analysis, and can efficiently maintain security of their designed software. Persistent testing will surely make a software more effective and secure from vulnerabilities and bugs.

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